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Active Recovery System Boots


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Give your body the recovery it needs with our mobile Active Recovery System. Ideal for all athletes.


On/Off Switch - Deactivatable Chambers

Injuries somewhere? No problem – just deactivate the chamber targeting the specific area.

Overlapping Chambers

Regular pressure chambers might cause non-equal air pressure.Devices with non-overlapping pressure chambers run the risk of uneven distribution of compressed air. Our devices have overlapping pressure chambers, which avoid pressure drops and are therefore excellent for an optimal, flowing massage.

Compact Compressor, Huge Power.

Up to 250mmHg pressure. Easily adjustable as you like.

Recovery To Go

The Active Recovery System is battery operated and can therefore be used anytime & anywhere, even if there is no power source nearby.

Customer Reviews

I have been using ActiveThera’s Active Recovery System for some time now and since I run an online blog on this topic, I was able to test the device earlier, especially to prepare for the Northcape4000 race here in Europa and I am super satisfied with it – my others already have it Cyclists recommended!

Arnold Redhammer, Blog-Owner

Translated to English from German.

ARS is arrived and I used it today after both trainings.

My first impression was great!

Many many thanks ! Super easy and ready to use immediately and quickly. Good pack size to take with you in your travel bag. Good zips.

[The manual ]Very well explained.

Cable from the power supply is a bit short, but you don’t always need it because it is battery operated.

Yvonne Marzinke
🚴🏼‍♀️ Professional Para-Cyclist
🥇 Overall Worldcup Winner Road 2019

Technical Details

Number of program modes: 5
Number of pressure chambers: 6
Power: 30W
Mains frequency: 50Hz
Voltage: 220-230V
Treatment time: up to 60 minutes
Treatment pressure: 30 to 250 mmHg


The Active Recovery System has a pressure range from 30 to 250mmHg.

Das Active Recovery System Paket beinhaltet:

  • Carrying case
  • Active Recovery System compressor
  • 2x Active Recovery System Boots (leg cuffs)
  • Charging kit

The right size can be determined using the inner leg length:

Size MSize M is suitable for inside leg lengths up to 31.89in/81cm.
Size LSize L is suitable between an inside leg of 32.28in/82cm and 34.65/88cm.
Size XLSize XL is suitable from an inside leg length of 35in/89cm.

How to measure the inside leg: Measure the leg from crotch to floor:


If you have a small leg circumference, this can be compensated for by a higher pressure setting. Thus, you will get the desired results during the application.

If the leg circumference is extremely large, we also offer additional cuff expander (found in the accessories section).

However, the cuff expanders are only required in very rare exceptional cases, as a rule a large thigh circumference should not be a problem.

Size circumference
Size M up to 60cm
Size L Up to 72cm
Size XL up to 76cm

Size Mup to 23.62in/60cm
Size Lup to 28.35in/72cm
Size XLup to 29.92in/ 76cm

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Give your body the recovery it needs & improve your performance!


Active Recovery System

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