Therablaster Massage Gun

The massage gun is a neuromuscular percussion therapy device. It helps relieve discomfort such as sore muscles, fatigue, pain, nodules and much more. The perfect device for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts or people who suffer from severe muscle pain.

Fully charged, the Therablaster can be used for around 8 days (based on 2 sessions per day a la 10 minutes).

We recommend 10 minutes per session.

The device is extremely quiet.

Our massage gun is a groundbreaking application of percussion therapy. By directly treating the affected body parts with focused and high-frequency pressure pulses, the repair of the muscles is accelerated and improved. The circulation of various critical areas is increased and thus pain relief occurs. Thus, the muscle function is further improved and increases the range of motion.

In addition, a gentle stretch is induced, which in turn improves flexibility, performance and body reaction.

Our brain is also increasingly responding to this high-frequency massage, which desensitizes the areas around painful muscles and penetrates deep tissue.

In classical massage, the hands of the therapist may not be able to penetrate to hard-to-reach places and thus not treat the starting point of the pain. Furthermore, it is sometimes too painful for the patient to endure.

Since percussion therapy is used to energetically treat deep-seated muscles, this method promotes blood circulation and oxygenation to various parts of the body, especially at the point in question. As a result, muscle pain and cramps occurring after exercise are alleviated and the body’s self-healing powers are promoted.

The percussion therapy leads to early pain relief and effectively breaks down LDH within 48 hours of exercise.

In particular, you can perform the percussion therapy alone and do not need help from other people.


  • Pre-workout: assisting in warming up and activating the muscles
  • During exercise: keeps the muscles active and improves performance
  • After training: reduces fatigue and acts against the accumulation of lactic acid

For people who suffer from chronic pain such as a tennis elbow or a frozen shoulder, the percussion therapy is very good: it helps to repair and recovery of your muscle fibers and after such a therapy you will feel much better.

For people who just want to relax their muscles and / or relieve sore muscles.